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Is Your Roof Past Its Peak?

Learn the Warning Signs Of a Leaky Roof


Missing Shingles Missing Shingles
Caused by improper fastening.
Caused by exposure to high winds.
Caused by aging.


Buckling and Curling Buckling and Curling
Caused by improperly applied felt (buckling).
Caused by movement in the deck (buckling).
Caused by under-saturation of asphalt felt (curling).


Blistering Blistering
Caused by application over wet deck.
Caused by moisture in shingle.
Caused by inadequate ventilation.


Fungus Growth Fungus Growth
Caused by growth of airborne fungi or algae
deposited on roof.
Appearance problem that does not affect the service
life of the roofing material.
Occurs most often in warm, humid climates such as the southeast (where fungus resistant shingles are available).


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